We provide mostly bespoke solutions and as such a fixed quotation is often unsuitable. Most estimates are calculated based on a £28.00 per hour rate.

To provide a guideline on pricing, please find below a range of prices that we typically charge for our services.

Software licensing

When we develop a solution for your requirements, whether that be a website, application, or a service, STW Creation maintains sole ownership of the intellectual property it creates and licenses that content to the client.

This annual license includes the cost of supporting and maintaining the solution in the event of a fault and/or bug. It also helps reduce the initial costs of projects to the client as previous solutions can be reused, allowing for rapid development.

Note: Simpler websites often include the license fee as part of the hosting fee.

  • From £50 per annum for small (less than 10 hours initial development)
  • From £600 per annum for larger projects (more than 100 hours initial development)


We use only dedicated servers located in high performance and secure data centres for our website, software, and service hosting.

We offer email via a third party service.

  • From £35 per annum for a single page simple advertising site
  • From £99 per annum for a multi page advertising site with a single email account
  • From £250 per annum for a heavy traffic website with multiple email accounts


Projects are substantial pieces of work (such as the creation of a site, a program or service, or an IT system specification and deployment).

A requirements analysis with the client will form the base for the initial project estimate. At certain milestones or in the event of a significant problem or requirements change, the estimate is reevaluated. The estimate is at no point binding to reflect this variability, however we will highlight any 'high risk' elements when forming the estimate.

All projects will begin following the payment of a deposit (20% of the initial estimate). Invoices for work performed will be issued fortnightly and at the completion of the project.

Here are some example project costings:

  • From £100; a simple desktop program that automates a daily task such as file conversion, image resizing or file transfer.
  • From £320; A small advertising site based on a supplied design specification
  • From £600; A Wordpress site with a custom template based on a supplied design specification
  • From £1250; A bespoke eCommerce site compatible with WorldPay Cardsave, Paypal, and Braintree payment solutions.
  • From £2000; A complex site with bespoke database functionality

Contracted hours

We also offer contracted hours whereby we work with you on site designing, implementing, and further developing IT solutions for your business requirements. This includes IT support, remote support (where possible), and secure remote data backups. We currently offer weekly and fortnightly services. Contact us for a quote.